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The best kind of rescue is no need for rescue at all. Preventing even one person from falling prey is worth our time, our effort and our money. Alerting schools, youth groups, professionals, and advocates to the dangers and signs of human trafficking begins to grow the abolition movement by multiplying the number of eyes and ears that can identify potential trafficking scenarios. Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world, yet many are unaware that it happens in our own backyards.

Awareness alone is not enough, however. Strengthening the understanding of specific areas of human trafficking by researching and explaining state law and aspects of human trafficking that are confusing or unclear brings a depth to the knowledge that our staff can provide to those wanting to learn more about how to combat trafficking in persons.

We cannot be affected by that which we do not know and we cannot protect future potential victims if we neglect to reveal to them the dangers and common lures of traffickers. For this reason, we believe in a multi-faceted education and strategic prevention effort is necessary to protect future victims. Our Community Engagement Team loves to "Equip Communities" through awareness, training, and volunteer involvement. 

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