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Diversion and Services for Prostitution Arrests in Shelby County

Lives Worth Saving

The purpose of Lives Worth Saving is to honor, educate and empower people exploited by the commercial sex industry.

Restore Corps along with MPD, General Weirich's office and Calvary Episcopal has launched "Lives Worth Saving." The first class was in December of 2014, and we run the class every 2nd Thursday of the month.
During the fall of 2013, a Memphis Police Lieutenant approached us asking if we would help Shelby County create a new response to prostitution in our city. All too often people arrested for prostitution cycle through the justice system time and time again. Jail time does not address the problems that put or keep vulnerable people in "the life" of prostitution. We recognize the problems of trauma, abuse, drug addiction, poor education and more keep these vulnerable people in this cycle. The vulnerable population arrested for prostitution is the same at-risk population of human trafficking.

If you would like to get involved with Lives Worth Saving, we encourage volunteers to attend the day of to set up, break down, and serve during the monthly classes. We also like to get community groups involved through donations of hygiene bags, table decor, and flowers. Of course we encouraged any advocates that would like to brainstorm their own way to help human trafficking victims to contact us(info [at] restorecorps [dot] org).

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