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National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. What can you do to take a stand and help raise awareness? We are inviting the community to join the fight to end human trafficking by asking for ideas to fill each day in January with an event designed to facilitate awareness of the issue.

We plan to offer an event every day in January to bring the issue to the community, and we are seeking help from the community to fill the calendar. Currently we are planning to host or speak at the following events or places:

  • January 10: Lives Worth Saving

  • January 11: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

    • University of Memphis Human Trafficking Conference

    • Appreciation Luncheon for West TN anti-trafficking agencies

    • Organizations across Memphis will post and tag RC for the awareness campaign

  • January 12: Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Panel

  • January 13: Immanuel Lutheran Church

  • January 19: Mental Health Awareness Event

  • January 20: Christ Community Church

  • January 24: Rotary Memphis Whitehaven South Human Trafficking Event

  • January 30: University of Memphis Primary Prevention of Sexual & Domestic Violence Conference

Anyone and any organization can help fill the days with events, large and small, to assist survivors, increase awareness, or raise funds. Some ideas for individuals and groups are:

  • Partner with local musicians for a benefit concert

  • Get service hours by packing toiletry bags for survivors who live at our residential facility

  • Host a gift card drive for survivors

  • Host a community fitness class with a suggested donation at the door

  • Book a speaker for your group or class to discuss signs of trafficking and what to do

  • Assign a relevant book to your reading club, and invite a Restore Corps representative to facilitate the discussion (contact Restore Corps for suggested titles)

  • Host a movie night to view a film about trafficking and invite a Restore Corps representative to facilitate a discussion (contact Restore Corps for suggested films)

We are open to any ideas you may have to fill the month of January with events that show that Memphis is committed to fighting human trafficking. Please contact us with your suggestions, or to request a speaker.

Everyone has something to contribute towards the work of eradicating human trafficking from Tennessee. Restore Corps has numerous opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents alongside our Corps Team.


Volunteers are essential members of our team and there are many ways to get involved. Currently, our team needs volunteers to be sponsors and mentors for our residents, be an errand-runner for our clients, or volunteer at Lives Worth Saving. If you are interested in Volunteering, please, email our Volunteer Coordinator, Loni Proctor at loni [at] restorecorps [dot] org