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Specific donations are critical providing wrap around survicor care. To ask about donation needs, or to schedule a time to drop off donations, contact our Office Manager, Christie, at christie [at] restorecorps [dot] org.

Our clothing closet is stocked full at the moment.

We are in need of hospitality bags! Click this link for a PDF to learn more. Hospitality bags are critical to our crisis response when requested on scene for an undercover operation, for the monthly class we facilitate for Memphis Police Department, and for many of the “first visits” to our Care Center for newly engaged victims on the road to survivorship.

If you are looking to donate personal items or a fun experience for our survivors, gift cards to Target, Walmart, Sam's, or Kroger, or movie passes, skating passes, bowling passes, tickets to shows and concerts in the city, or tickets to sporting events would have a direct impact on survivor care and be put directly to good use. Thank you!

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