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31 Days of Restoration

This year has brought many unexpected twists and turns, but the effect of human trafficking on our community has persisted through it all. Now over halfway through with the year, we want to take the month of October to really consider what restoration means and how you, as an individual, can participate in it.

Each day, Restore Corps will take a moment and reflect on one thing we hope to restore through our organization--be it in survivors or the community. You can see these on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram account.

We hope that as you see a cause that grabs your heart, you are led to donate what you can to Restore Corps so that our idea of restoration isn’t just wishful thinking, but a practical future. Human trafficking doesn’t pause for a pandemic, so we can’t either.

Give today and join the anti-trafficking movement. The time to take action is today.

If you would like to give via cash or check, please mail to:

Restore Corps

P.O. Box 11748

Memphis, TN 38111

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