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Nine People Arrested for Human-Trafficking

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated that 9 people were taken into custody after they conducted a sting. These people were taken because of sex trafficking crimes. Undercover agents posed as minors through online advertisements. The sites to traffic people are relatively easy to access.  Jeremy Lofquest with TBI’s Human Trafficking Unit said, “There’s no technology know-how needed to access any of those sites.”

Rachel Haaga, executive director of Restore Corps, spoke on the situation,” I think we can only do justice by walking through the door and acknowledging there were nine buyers over two days in a part of our town where you would think ‘it’s not going to happen here.”

Restore corps were present as the operation was in progress. “Whenever there is a takedown, it’s not just the actual trauma of what they’re recovering from,” said Haaga. “In that particular moment, there is trauma. [Victims] just need to feel comfortable. They just need to feel cared for, so that’s what our team is there to do.”

Nine people ended being taken into custody, but this is a bigger issue. Lofquest said. “We see people travel hours or they just come from down the street. So, it’s tough to say that Memphis, specifically, has a problem with this. This is a problem we have everywhere.”

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